Credit during pregnancy


The “hurray” of pregnancy often gives way to the fear of funding for the necessary purchases. The loan during pregnancy becomes an issue within the family. Nobody should spoil the joy of giving life to a new person on earth. The article provides compressed information on the right loan.

Credit during pregnancy – basic information

Credit during pregnancy - basic information

In general, credit during pregnancy should not be valued differently from any other loan. More on the requirements later. Nevertheless, the natural “nest building instinct” should not hide the realities during pregnancy. Children cost money. With the additional expenses, the income often disappears. Every mother wants and should have more than just the eight weeks of maternity leave to enjoy their child. Anyone who is thinking about a loan during pregnancy should take into account the changed income situation.

For your own security, everyone should ask themselves, regardless of the credit guidelines, whether the loan is really securely repayable. Only 67 percent of the caregiver’s income is available and only available for a limited period. Is the income really sufficient to handle the additional costs and the loan obligations? Only those who answer “yes” to the question without hesitation and without restrictions should think about a loan.

Does the pregnancy need to be stated when applying for a loan?

Does the pregnancy need to be stated when applying for a loan?

No, even if today’s borrowing conditions scrutinize every borrower, the question of pregnancy must not be asked. What is not asked as a question in the loan application is not subject to information. The normal rules apply, as they also apply to non-pregnant people. Exclusion due to pregnancy would not only be moral, but above all legally questionable.

However, it cannot be prevented that the clerk notices the pregnancy during the credit discussion and makes a negative decision “internally”. This risk is taken by pregnant women, whose condition is clearly recognizable when it comes to a personal loan interview.

Alternatives that facilitate credit approval.

Alternatives that facilitate credit approval.

Anyone submitting their loan application to a direct bank will not be invited to a personal interview. The current conditions for lending apply. The offspring in the stomach does not have a negative impact on creditworthiness. The current income situation is also the basis of the calculations for creditworthiness. Nobody has to say whether you have to make do with less money later.

If the loan request is “only” a furnishing loan for the children’s room, then it can be handled in a relaxed manner. The loan during pregnancy as a commercial loan is characterized by short terms and manageable rates. If you get along well with your income in “normal” life, you probably have no problem lifting the rate burden.

The situation is similar with a small loan from a direct bank. This sum should also be enough for the necessary purchases. Most of the time there is even some financial scope for the unexpected. If you correctly assess your financial options, loan during pregnancy is not a problem.

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